Top 10 things we do to pets that they disagree with

Have you ever felt like your pet is just sick and tired of you treating it that way? Well chances are it´s true. We treat our pets as if they are our children.

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Lets not pretend we dont all do it, but for the most part everyone treats there pet as there own property. Long before these domestic pets came along they were wild for the most part.

Now almost everything is a pet. So what are some things we do to our pets we need to avoid next time? Lets start with our first Top 10 things we do to animals that they disagree with.

  1. 10 Dressing up animals in miniature human clothing.

    Yes we all agree it looks cute but are we actually making fun of them? Understand when it cold we maybe we have gone too far.

  2. 9 Giving animals human food like chocolate or chips.

    A proper food diet is necessary for the safety of your pet. Here is a list of foods and liquids you must not give:

    • Alcoholic beverages and food products containing alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death. Under no circumstances should your pet be given any alcohol.

    • Avocado is primarily a problem for birds, rabbits, donkeys, horses, and ruminants including sheep and goats. The biggest concern is for cardiovascular damage and death in birds. Horses, donkeys and ruminants frequently get swollen, edematous head and neck.

    • Chocolate, Coffee and Caffeine - These products all contain substances called methylxanthines, which are found in cacao seeds, the fruit of the plant used to make coffee, and in the nuts of an extract used in some sodas. When ingested by pets, methylxanthines can cause vomiting and diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death. Note that darker chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate. White chocolate has the lowest level of methylxanthines, while baking chocolate contains the highest.

    • Citrus - The stems, leaves, peels, fruit and seeds of citrus plants contain varying amounts of citric acid, essential oils that can cause irritation and possibly even central nervous system depression if ingested in significant amounts. Small doses, such as eating the fruit, are not likely to present problems beyond minor stomach upset.

    • Coconut and Coconut Oil
      When ingested in small amounts, coconut and coconut-based products are not likely to cause serious harm to your pet. The flesh and milk of fresh coconuts do contain oils that may cause stomach upset, loose stools or diarrhea. Because of this, we encourage you to use caution when offering your pets these foods. Coconut water is high in potassium and should not be given to your pet.

    • Grapes and Raisins
      Although the toxic substance within grapes and raisins is unknown, these fruits can cause kidney failure. Until more information is known about the toxic substance, it is best to avoid feeding grapes and raisins to dogs.

    • Macadamia Nuts
      Macadamia nuts can cause weakness, depression, vomiting, tremors and hyperthermia in dogs. Signs usually appear within 12 hours of ingestion and can last approximately 12 to 48 hours.

    • Milk and Dairy
      Because pets do not possess significant amounts of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk), milk and other dairy-based products cause them diarrhea or other digestive upset.

    • Nuts
      Nuts, including almonds, pecans, and walnuts, contain high amounts of oils and fats. The fats can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and potentially pancreatitis in pets.

    • Onions, Garlic, Chives
      These vegetables and herbs can cause gastrointestinal irritation and could lead to red blood cell damage. Although cats are more susceptible, dogs are also at risk if a large enough amount is consumed. Toxicity is normally diagnosed through history, clinical signs and microscopic confirmation of Heinz bodies.

    • Raw/Undercooked Meat, Eggs and Bones
      Raw meat and raw eggs can contain bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli that can be harmful to pets and humans. Raw eggs contain an enzyme called avidin that decreases the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin), which can lead to skin and coat problems. Feeding your pet raw bones may seem like a natural and healthy option that might occur if your pet lived in the wild. However, this can be very dangerous for a domestic pet, who might choke on bones, or sustain a grave injury should the bone splinter and become lodged in or puncture your pet’s digestive tract.

    • Salt and Salty Snack Foods
      Large amounts of salt can produce excessive thirst and urination, or even sodium ion poisoning in pets. Signs that your pet may have eaten too many salty foods include vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, elevated body temperature, seizures and even death. As such, we encourage you to avoid feeding salt-heavy snacks like potato chips, pretzels, and salted popcorn to your pets. 

    • Xylitol
      Xylitol is used as a sweetener in many products, including gum, candy, baked goods and toothpaste. It can cause insulin release in most species, which can lead to liver failure. The increase in insulin leads to hypoglycemia (lowered sugar levels). Initial signs of toxicosis include vomiting, lethargy and loss of coordination. Signs can progress to seizures. Elevated liver enzymes and liver failure can be seen within a few days.

    • Yeast Dough
      Yeast dough can rise and cause gas to accumulate in your pet’s digestive system. This can be painful and can cause the stomach to bloat, and potentially twist, becoming a life threatening emergency. The yeast produce ethanol as a by-product and a dog ingesting raw bread dough can become drunk (See alcohol).  

    For more information on foods for your pet refer to:

  3. 8 Punishing your pet when they go to the bathroom on the floor.

    We need to realize that having a pet takes great responsibility and we need to be prepared to take our pet to the bathroom at least 3-5 times a day. So by punishing the animals makes no sense at all, just look at us.

  4. 7 Keeping your pet in a cage or locked because you like looking at it.

    Yes humans love there play things but keep in mind some animals just dont do well in cages. They need to be let free and stretch there legs.

  5. 6 Making your pet do tricks for profit or revenue.

    Who are we to monetize pets for money. It was never intended for us to abuse animals in this way. So think twice next time, after all the spirits are watching you.

  6. 5 Buying exotic pets.

    Buying exotic pets cheetahs or monkeys is just wrong and you know it. There is special circumstances of saving an animal vs personal pleasure. Do the right thing and dont buy exotic animals. Saving an animal is another story.

  7. 4 Giving your your pet haircuts to impersonate something or someone you know.

    Sounds like you have personal issues if you start pretending your animal is someone else. So just dont.

  8. 3 Getting in your pet´s face and personal space.

    Pets don't want to be tempted so dont get in there personal space, that would entail, making them agressive or not giving them there breathing room.

  9. 2 When you take your dog for a walk by not letting them sniff or explore.

    This is important, imagine being locked up for 23 hours of the day and having just a few minutes to explore a park or some grass, they value this time, have you ever noticed that they pull back when trying to leave, they just need more time.

  10. 1 They need to be around there same species.

    For the most part animals love being around there same species. After all isnt that how it works with all animals and us? So giving some time for a friend will make your pet very happy.

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